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Making it personal for a Zurich policyholder

The insurance sector continues to exploit technology to make it much easier for everyone in the claims chain to get a faster resolution. However, Prism Network is collaborating with its contractors to ensure technology isn’t replacing the personal touch.

Customer service that goes above and beyond

An elderly lady contacted Zurich when a leaky pipe in her attic had caused considerable damage to her living room.

This led to Prism Network appointing Lavish Construction Solutions Ltd to carry out the repair – an established building and construction contractor based in the West Midlands.

Lizzie said: “Normally, our contractors would liaise with policyholders on our behalf to establish what materials they’d like.

“Policyholders get to choose how they communicate with us – and our contractors – from the outset. Many opt for email or phone.

“So I was amazed to discover that Steph from Lavish Construction Solutions Ltd had paid the elderly lady a visit, took her to B&Q, and spent a few hours helping her to choose her wallpaper!”

Stephanie Winter from Lavish Construction Solutions Ltd said: “The lady was elderly and had no support. She was not tech-savvy either, so the usual communication channels weren’t appropriate, and we didn’t want to delay the claim.

“We know how important it is for Prism Network to make policyholders feel special, so I did what I could to get the job done in a way that’s hopefully left a positive lasting impression on her.”


Four ingredients make service special

Prism Network's contractors are handpicked for their ability to deliver high-quality work and the service they provide to policyholders.

Fraser Clark, Director of Prism Network, said: “In this case, our contractor, Steph, used common sense and opted to take the lady to B&Q herself to avoid any delays. This embodies what we’re all about and perfectly represents the Zurich brand that Prism Network and Steph proudly represent.

“Like many companies, we use technology to drive efficiencies and keep costs down. And, of course, technology makes it much easier for most policyholders. For example, it allows everyone to be kept in the loop regarding where we are with an insurance claim repair.

 “But technology shouldn’t be a substitute for making people feel special. How we communicate demands empathy and should be tailored, where possible, to the individual and the situation.”

Fraser, the Prism Network Team, and their Zurich colleagues believe there are four magic ingredients to delivering a memorable customer experience. They are: making it personal, making it clear, making it collaborative, and making it effortless.

Fraser added: “It’s not rocket science. The 4 Pillars – as we call them – remind us that we’re here to ensure the claims experience is great for all our stakeholders. Whether you’re an insurance firm, a policyholder, or a contractor.”

Prism Network’s focus on delivering great service was recognised recently by Investor in Customers (IIC) when they retained gold status for customer experience.

Our proven track record

"Prism Network employs good old fashioned common sense when it comes to disaster recovery, which not only leads to a reduction in overall indemnity spend, but also happy customers"
QBE | "Since we have utilised the services of Prism to support our third party property claims handling we have seen a positive impact on our overall indemnity spend."
QBE| "Third party property claims are unfortunately a common occurrence and it’s great that we can rely on Prism to provide a customer focussed, pro active solution to our needs."
QBE| "The MI provision allows us easily to identify the savings that are being made, and also adherence to agreed SLAs."
QBE| "Prism react quickly to our requests, and are flexible enough to tailor their provision as required."
QBE| "Prism understand our organisation and always look to ensure their service matches both our needs and also those of our customers"

Our Accreditations

Our Accreditations

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