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The ‘highs’ this quarter for Prism Network

It’s been a period of highs and lows for businesses in the UK this quarter. A Covid-19 vaccine is on its way, but lockdown part two and subsequent tiered restrictions have been a blow to many.

For the Prism Network team – who specialise in simplifying and speeding up the insurance claims process – it’s been a time of renewed contracts, golden feedback, honest conversations, inspirational messages, and more certifications.

Read on to find out more.

A renewed partnership

Global insurance company, AIG, is one of Prism Network’s key partners.

This quarter, they renewed their contract with Prism Network, which means they’ll continue to use Prism Network to facilitate their claims for third-party property damage by motor vehicles.

Mark Orton, managing director of Prism Network, said: “We’re delighted with this contract renewal. AIG is valued client, and we’ll continue to offer their policyholders a competent, quick, and cost-effective service.”

They struck gold!

Prism Network has always had a passion for taking the pain out of insurance claims processes – and as a result – making everybody in the process chain a little happier. And in November, they achieved gold standard for the experience they offer to their customers.

Inspired by two things. Firstly, partner Zurich, being independently recognised as one of the best brands in the UK for customer satisfaction last year. And secondly, Zurich’s enthusiasm for National Customer Service Week in October – Prism Network decided to ‘check-in’ with their customers and employees to make sure they were continuing to hit the spot.

They asked Investors in Customers to do another independent assessment of how well they meet their customer’s needs. The results showed that Prism Network is a customer-centric business.

Mark said: “We’ve been awarded with the exceptional gold award. I couldn’t be prouder of the team. It’s external validation of the lengths we go to, to keep our customers happy.”

A time for honest conversations

As well as keeping customers happy, the Prism Network leadership team is also keen to make sure their employees are doing well and coping with the moving events of 2020.

The changes in government guidelines for coronavirus, has meant the firm has seen fluctuations in their workstack, with peaks in October keeping them exceptionally busy.

To keep an eye on how the team has been handling things over the quarter, Mark has been having 1-2-1 sessions with each of them.

He said: “We wanted to give our people an outlet to talk about how they feel and what’s on their mind.

“In the main, our people want to be in the office. But of course, due to Covid-19 restrictions, the majority have been working from home.

“They’ve also given me some useful pointers on how we tweak processes to make things better for them, and our customers.”

A spot of inspiration

When the Prism Network team eventually return to their office HQ in Leicester, they’ll notice the addition of some inspirational messages peppered around the building.

As part of an internal competition, staff were asked to submit the words that have inspired them to get through 2020.

The chosen messages (below) have been made into visuals for the office. And, the people who suggested them, have been given a bottle of bubbly to say thanks. 

  • You can feed the problem or the solution. Whichever you feed is the one that will grow
  • Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable
  • In this office…we are happy, we are helpful, we respect, we do teamwork, we are friends, we communicate, we have fun, we are a team
  • We sink or swim together. Do the right thing the right way. Work hard. Have fun. Be respectful. Communicate. We are a team
  • Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out
  • Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts
  • There are no traffic jams along that extra mile
  • Think positive

More certifications

With cybercrime on the increase, Prism Network has just received their ISO 27001 certification.

This is independent verification that they take information security seriously, and are diligent in protecting the personal records of policyholders, and commercially sensitive information.

Mark added: “Our commercial director, Fraser Clark, has done an excellent job in making sure we’re compliant. And with the insurance sector being targeted more and more by cybercriminals, it’s never been more important to protect the data we’re trusted to look after.”


Our proven track record

"Prism Network employs good old fashioned common sense when it comes to disaster recovery, which not only leads to a reduction in overall indemnity spend, but also happy customers"
QBE | "Since we have utilised the services of Prism to support our third party property claims handling we have seen a positive impact on our overall indemnity spend."
QBE| "Third party property claims are unfortunately a common occurrence and it’s great that we can rely on Prism to provide a customer focussed, pro active solution to our needs."
QBE| "The MI provision allows us easily to identify the savings that are being made, and also adherence to agreed SLAs."
QBE| "Prism react quickly to our requests, and are flexible enough to tailor their provision as required."
QBE| "Prism understand our organisation and always look to ensure their service matches both our needs and also those of our customers"

Our Accreditations

Our Accreditations

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