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With over 100 years industry experience we understand what our clients need

Hello, we’re Prism Network. Experts in taking the pain out of insurance claims processes.

Whether you’re an insurance company we partner with, or one of their affected policyholders – we make it easy to swiftly and smoothly settle insurance claims for property damage – by instigating rapid repairs.

Working in both the domestic and commercial sectors, we offer you a streamlined and alternative way to speed up the lifecycle of a claim – on average by 30 days.

From validating a claim, to fixing the damage – we’re obsessed with making your experience with us a seamless one – dealing with all parties on your behalf.

After all, when disaster strikes, everybody in the process chain needs a competent pair of hands to cut through the noise – and quickly restore some order – whilst making sure costs don’t spiral out of control.

And that’s exactly what we do.

Are you an insurer?

If you want a trusted business partner to provide you and your policyholders with a competent, quick, and cost-effective service – then our way of working will deliver the right outcomes for you.

We’re proud to be chosen by leading insurers to deliver an exceptional service from beginning to end.

We operate with urgency and invest in state-of-the-art technology to: streamline processes, cut down costs, improve compliance rates, reduce fraud, and give you full visibility of every single case.

Are you a policyholder?

You’re irritated by the situation that’s brought you to us. Don’t worry, we’ll try and take the sting out of it all – starting by contacting you within two hours of being notified of your situation.

Whether it’s your property that’s been damaged, or you’re the one who’s caused the damage – we’ll get you back on track – and quickly.

By phone or by video, you choose how we communicate with you. So, let’s work together to get the damage repaired and the claim settled in the best way we can.

Please watch our video to help explain the process when a vehicle has damaged your property.

Please watch our video to help explain the process when your property has been damaged.

About Prism Network

The best network. A Prism Network

As our name suggests, we’ve built up a special network of experienced and vetted industry professionals and tradespeople who share our passion for customer focus. They help us to get to incidents quickly, steer through processes with ease, and liaise with whoever we need to – to get damages repaired and claims settled.

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Our proven track record

"Prism Network employs good old fashioned common sense when it comes to disaster recovery, which not only leads to a reduction in overall indemnity spend, but also happy customers"
QBE | "Since we have utilised the services of Prism to support our third party property claims handling we have seen a positive impact on our overall indemnity spend."
QBE| "Third party property claims are unfortunately a common occurrence and it’s great that we can rely on Prism to provide a customer focussed, pro active solution to our needs."
QBE| "The MI provision allows us easily to identify the savings that are being made, and also adherence to agreed SLAs."
QBE| "Prism react quickly to our requests, and are flexible enough to tailor their provision as required."
QBE| "Prism understand our organisation and always look to ensure their service matches both our needs and also those of our customers"

Our Accreditations

Our Accreditations

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