How Prism Works


Prism Network is dedicated to providing Insurers with an unsurpassed disaster and recovery and repair service. We are sensitive to the stresses that can arise when a claim is made and we undertake to treat all clients with a positive attitude and “can-do” approach. Our reputation and continued business growth depend on our ability to provide great service, customer satisfaction is critical and WE ARE committed to achieving this goal.

Our claims project management service follows the life cycle of a claim once the report has been passed to us. We allocate a dedicated project manager who will contact the insured within 2 hours, follow up with a same or next day survey and put in hand any mitigating or remedial works you may need to authorise. Prism Network will, within 48 hours of arrival on site, deliver an electronic report that includes photographs, full repairs schedule, 2D room plan and a precise estimate. Once authorised we will contact the insured within 48 hours, we confirm a start date and completion date with the client, in addition the start date will be within 10 working days.

Prism Network pricing is inline with other national repair networks, regionally adjusted and updated quarterly we continue to receive authorisation from all of the major Insurers.

Prism Network is a corporate member of the BDMA and all Disaster Recovery work will always be undertaken by trained BDMA Technicians working with BDMA current standards and recommended practices. Our contractors go through a rigorous competency check which covers all aspects of their business including; Health and Safety, financial position, years trading, core skill, resources, experiences, referrals…etc. Once approved their work is monitored, audited and guaranteed. We employ an independent audit team to ensure the schedules are accurate and rates are acceptable.

Insurers WILL Benefit From;

  • Treating customers fairly whilst retaining a sustainable Low Loss Ratio
  • Dramatically improved response levels raising the overall customer satisfaction
  • Dramatically improve the levels of customer retention
  • Real time access to our online secure Metrix Claims Management system 24/7 365 days a year
  • Complete transparency and access of all emails, telephone conversations, photo’s, video’s and estimates
  • End-to-end property claims management team
  • Holistic approach helps to reduce the escalating BI and AA costs
  • Ensure the best value solutions are being utilised to reduce the overall indemnity and reduce the lifecycle